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It's release day baby! The Bannockburn Spell

It’s time to rejoice!

Don’t worry I’m not having a Christmas flash back.  It’s release day baby.  My newest book The Bannockburn Spell is out today.  Weeeee!  Man, I love release day, it is by far one of the best days for any author, and whether they are new to the business, or a seasoned vet, release day NEVER gets old.

To celebrate the release of The Bannockburn Spell I have decided to introduce you to my newest characters, share an excerpt and throw a little giveaway.

Simply leave a comment and tell me what kind of spell you would like to have casted on you and my trusted assistant will choose a winner next Wed, January 16, 2013.  The winner will receive a copy of The Bannockburn Spell and $10 GC to

I should probably tell you the history of The Bannockburn Spell.  This is the very first story I have every written.  This book is my baby.  I began writing about Will and Meghan when my husband was deployed to Afghanistan back in early 2008.  Along with the writing courses, I was taking at the time, writing Meghan and Will’s story was a saving grace.  Like other military families, we didn’t have our parents or our families to fall back on; we had our friends in the military or new friendships that were developed when moving into a new community.  Regardless, when your spouse goes on tour, you become a single parent.  Which was no biggie, my husband had already gone on three tours, and my kids were young enough that they didn't understand what Daddy was doing.  However, this tour was different; it was by far the easiest for me.  One, my husband would be inside a tank this tour…woo hoo… and second I had found something else to focus on beside news from overseas…Writing! Plus, it was something that was mine and mine alone.

Enough of the sentimental crap, let’s get to the good stuff. 

With the help of a bet, an eight-hundred-year-old marriage contract and a spell, ex-SBS soldier Will might just have enough in his arsenal to capture Meghan’s heart.
Since arriving in Little Glen, Scotland, Meghan Kennedy’s life has got decidedly more interesting. She enters into a bet with hunky ex-SBS soldier, William MacKenzie, discovers an ancient marriage contract and to top it all off, she learns that she had a spell cast on her…eight hundred years before she was even born. None of it matters, because she refuses to make the same mistake twice. Will’s hard body and sexy grin don’t matter, his beautiful hypnotic eyes don’t matter, and it doesn’t matter that every time they kiss her body calls out for his, as though denied of his touch for hundreds of years.

Ex-SBS soldier William MacKenzie is disciplined, trained to be an efficient soldier and he takes the same approach with his life as he does his business. Then Meghan arrives, with her fiery temper and hair to match, all he can think about is Meghan. Her feisty temper bemuses him, her beauty astounds him and her stubbornness annoys the hell out of him. Lucky for him, he doesn’t know how to quit, he can be just as stubborn and occasionally ruthless, and he will use any means necessary to get her. Of course the ‘means’ at his disposal just happen to be a bet, a marriage contract and an ancient spell, but if in the end Meghan belongs to him, who is he to argue?

Okay so you’ve read the blurb now how about meeting the main characters, see what they have to say about this crazy spell business.
First up is the firey Meghan Kennedy,

Hey there, Meghan here.

Pretty strange stuff eh?  Geez you’re not kidding.  Really…who in their right minds casts a spell on two people that aren’t even born yet?  Crazy Scottish lairds that who.  Do I care that they were my distant relatives and that they were only thinking about my happiness and love life?  No…no I don’t.  What's even worst is that damn prehistoric marriage contract and the fact that Will and I were so easily trapped by it.

As for the bet…that was Will and I.  Well, it was Will’s idea after we had a yelling match…okay I yelled, he did nothing but smile at me.  Urgh!  He is so good at pricking my pride and he knows it too.  Of course I couldn’t back out, I’m a Kennedy and a redhead which means I’m stubborn to fault.  Besides there was no way in hell I was going to let another men dictate my life to me.  I had been there and done that with my ex- boyfriend, aka Dickhead and I would never allow that to happen again.  However, in the end, a bet is a bet and there is always a winner and a loser.


Now let us hear what ex-SBS soldier William MacKenzie has to say,
Unlike my Meghan, I don’t believe there was a winner or a loser, just two people that found love.  The bet was indeed my idea and it was a tactic used by a man who wasn’t experienced in losing.  I am however more than willing to fight for what I want.  I was after all trained by the best the SBS has to offer and thank Christ, because Meghan was one hell of an opponent but worth every agonizing moment.

As for the marriage contract and the spell, I don’t see things the same way as Meghan.  I saw an opportunity, an opportunity to capture the woman I wanted, and as any properly trained soldier would tell you, you never turn down a weapon that is sitting in front of you, so I used them…both.  Although, I would have preferred that our journey had gone smoother, there in not a single thing I would change.

Now that you have met Will and Meghan and have heard what they have to say, I offer to you two excerpts from The Bannockburn Spell, one nice and one oh so not nice…enjoy! *wink wink*

First the nice. 

            “There is no way this contract is—”    
             “Possible?” Will supplied, looking down at her finger. “Oh, it’s possible and it will happen.” She was a brave lady to be poking him in the chest, the last person to poke him in the chest had ended up getting a few broken fingers for his effort. Except this wasn’t anyone, this was Meghan and he loved her feisty temper, it made him want to pin her to the wall and do wicked things to her. He focused on her mouth as he continued, “But how it happens is up to you.”                                                                             
             “How it happens? What do you mean how it happens? Nothing is going to happen,” she yelled, throwing her hands in the air.                                       
             He raised an eyebrow at her remark. This wasn’t how this was supposed to turn out, she wasn’t supposed to find out about the contract. He had decided not to use it after seeing her earlier. He wanted to win her on his own. But the time had come for Meghan to understand that he never gave up, or gave in, to anything in his life and he wasn’t about to start now. He would get what he wanted, and at that moment, he knew with complete certainty that he wanted Meghan.                                                                               
             “Yes, it will.” He laced the words with smooth confidence. “You can come to the realisation on your own and agree, or you will be told to. The choice is yours. I would rather you realised it on your own, but I have no problem with the alternative. Either way, I win.”                                                              
              A person would’ve had to have been blind to see that she didn’t like what she was hearing. She threw a hip out to the side and placed her hand on it, daring him, “If you think this piece of paper will make me do anything, you are living in a dream world, but I’d like to see you try.”                                       
             He expected nothing less and was impressed by her courage. “Are you sure that’s what you want?”                                                                                                                                                                  
             She raised her chin. “I told you I like to gamble. Give it your best shot.”                                             
             God, she was beautiful when she was mad, her passion was overwhelming. This fiery side was making him hard. The sudden image of him riding her against a tree in the forest appeared before him. Her red hair was long, longer than she wore it now and it was hanging down her bare back as she clung to his neck. Her dress was gathered around her waist and her lovely legs were wrapped around him as he pounded into her again and again, her wet core squeezing him. His cock jerked to life as Meghan came back into focus.                                                                                                                                                  
              What had just happened? He blinked, fighting his body. What had they been talking about? Gambling. “That’s right, you like to gamble, then how about a little wager?”                                                
              “A bet?” She narrowed her eyes. “What kind of bet?”                       
              He crossed his arms. “I bet that you fall in love with me.”                                                    
              “Yeah,” she snorted. “Like that’s going to happen.”                   
              “Well, then this should be easy for you.”                                                                       
              She clicked her tongue.        
             “Not scared, are you?” He gave her pride a nudge.        
              She mimicked his stance. “What are the stakes?”   
              He smothered a smile. “If you win, you’re free from the contract. But if I win…” He lowered his head until they were nose to nose. “I get you.”                
              Will saw the doubt cross her face then decided to give her pride another poke, just enough to get what he wanted. “Think you can win?” Straightening to his full height, he held out his hand to her.                   
              She eyed his hand suspiciously, then slid her smaller hand into his. “You bet I can."
             He held fast as she tried to pull back, running his thumb over the back of her hand. The skin was so soft and smooth and for some reason he already knew what it tasted like. His mouth watered. “Good.” He drew in her lavender scent. “You’ll forgive me if I don’t wish you luck. I don’t want you to win.” 
            Meghan’s mouth dropped open in shock and she snatched her hand away. “You’re an asshole.”                                                                                                                                                                 
            Will grinned. “I have my moments.”

Now my favourite *tee hee*, the naughty.

            “Now?” he found himself asking—though didn’t know why.
            “Yes.” She nipped at his ear. “Yes, now. What are you waiting for?”
            His lips curled into a cruel smile as he laid her back, supporting her in his arms. He shoved down his jeans enough so that his cock was freed and pushed between her legs. He clamped onto the back of her thighs. “Higher.” She did as he ordered then sucked in a breath when he drove deep.
            They both became still. Their breathing heavy, their cheeks touching.
            Will felt his chest squeeze so tight that the air was driven from his lungs. God in heaven, this felt right. He had a feeling it would but hadn’t realised it would be this overpowering. He shifted and positioned his arms at the side of her head, dragged his lips across her cheek.
            Just then Meghan drew in a shaky breath and trembled.
            “Meghan?” He kept his voice low.
            “I won’t love you.”
            He felt his lips twitch in response to the challenge, then pulling his hips back he plunged in deep. Her gasp filled him with satisfaction. Punishment for her comment? Damn right.
            He pushed up so he could look down at her as he drove into her over and over again. Her body welcomed his invasion, her slick channel gripped him, clenching tight as he withdrew. Her eyes clouded over as he continued, her nails scraped his shoulders and back. God she was maddening, he was angry and hurt by her words and she loved every minute that he punished her for it.
            What a sight she was. Hair spread wild on the ground, lip caught between her teeth, face flushed, her legs wrapped around him then she arched her back. The sight was breathtaking and very sexy and he felt his cock swell even more.
            As they continued the steady pace their lips brushed against one another, and locking eyes with her, he finally responded, “You will.”
            She tried to shake her head. He wouldn’t let her. “No, I-I…” Her words came out in a rush each time he drove into her.
            “Yes.” He nipped her bottom lip. “Stop arguing and kiss me.”
            She did, long and hard and with as much passion as he kissed her.
            The kiss heated his blood, filled his cock and he quickened his pace and pounded into her, with his fingers in her hair and their mouths glued together. He felt her grip his butt cheeks, her nails scratching the skin as she pulled him tighter. He ground his hips against her and she turned her head, panting, “Close. Don’t stop.”
            He moved his hand between their bodies, his fingers searching for and finding her sensitive clit. He stroked once and she moaned, raising her hips. Damn, this was getting tough. He didn’t know how much longer he could last. Her thighs flexed, drawing his attention to their joining bodies. He watched as he entered her. Felt the way she clenched around him and the heat. Christ he loved the heat. The pressure in his groin mixed with pain. She was such a delicious torture. He gritted his teeth together as his body tightened, became painfully hard with each thrust. He never wanted this to end.

So there you have it. It has taken a long time to get to this point for me and for Meghan and Will, but The Bannockburn Spell has finally reached bookstores…or rather, eBook stores and I sincerely hope you enjoy it.
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